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We are a highly flexible, outcome focused CAD Company established with the aim of driving digital transformation in the construction industry. Since our conception in 2007, our time-tested and client centric approach has been proven across 5000+ successful projects. Whether, it is a single service or end-to-end building design solutions we pour all our ingenuity and resources to provide quality services that completes the contract on budget every time.

Our Approach

We focus on forging lasting relationships and delivering consistent results

Define the project: Every project at CAD Services India starts with collaboration. We have a single point of contact who works with our clients to define project objectives, set realistic goals and determine the metrics of success.

Project Planning: Requisite project inputs are received from the client and analyzed. Resources are allocated as per the project requirements. Our project manager stays in contact with the clients to share details of progressive and final dispatches.

Execution: We begin with an internal kick-off meeting with project manager, production team and the QA. Work is allocated and individual roles and targets are determined. As the team works on the project any project discrepancy is communicated with the client.

Dispatch: We have various quality checks in process which ensure that any errors are caught and rectified before they are sent to the clients.

Feedback: We believe in open communication and constructive feedback. Once the project is completed we consider any changes required by the client.
Our extensive experience and our skilled team provides us an edge over our competitors
Experienced Management

We have leaders and visionaries at the helm who guide and motivate us towards new opportunities every day. With a cumulative experience of over 4 decades they have the experience to tackle hard problems and the insight to offer fresh perspective.

A Skilled Team

We have talented multi-disciplinary team of architects, engineers and drafters who as keen as you to see the success of your project. They have deep domain knowledge, the technical expertise and are also well versed in industry codes and standards.

Efficient Communication

At CAD Services India there are no language barriers. We see clear, timely and effective communication and feedback as driving force of any successful partnership. Right from the start we have a single point of contact which ensures that there is no communication gap. We are always there to solve any doubts or to provide project updates.

Exceptional Quality

We take immense pride in providing high-quality services that ensures customer satisfaction, profitability and our client’s growth. With all the right tools, hard-work and integrity we don’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

Our Pricing Model

Our different business options strive to maximize efficiency and profits

Project Basis: Ideal for projects which have fixed requirements. Project guidelines are thoroughly reviewed following which cost and timeline is determined.

Hourly Basis: This business model is more suited for projects where requirements are not defined at the onset. Cost is determined based on the hours taken to complete the project effectively. Any midstream project changes can be accommodated here.

Dedicated Resources: We provide dedicated resources who work exclusively on your project. This method is ideal for long-term projects where having a skilled resource who understands your specific project requirements is beneficial.
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