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Structural CAD Drafting Services

We provide detailed Structural Drafting Services exhibiting unparalleled standard of quality and price to global clients.

Structural CAD Drafting Services can be counted upon as the foundation of a building construction process. From designing to planning to construction and demolition accurate information regarding structural elements is crucial. Our 16+ years of experience, a multidisciplinary team and deep rooted domain expertise helps us deliver detailed and standardized structural drawings. Our comprehensive Structural Drafting Services includes foundation plans, reinforced concrete detailing (3D and 2D), GA Drawings, Steel detailing, paper to CAD conversion etc. We always ensure that our projects are executed according to international construction practices, general drafting standards and specific client requirements using proper call-outs, notations, line-work, finish annotations etc.

We can undertake all kind of structural drafting and 2D structural projects with high level of complexity and detailing. We work on diversified buildings like residential, commercial, mixed use, academic along with other infrastructure projects like bridges, tunnels, roadways etc.

Our Structural Drafting Services

  • General Arrangement/ Erection Drawings
  • Anchor Bolt Plan & Details
  • Member Schedules
  • Paper to CAD Conversion
  • Panel Break up

  • Drawing Index
  • Single/Part Fitting Drawings
  • Connection Sketches
  • Scan to CAD Conversion
  • As Built Drawings
Structural Drafting Services
Structural shop drawing services

Structural Shop Drawings

Structural Shop Drawings provides dimensions, details and manufacturing standards which act as a roadmap for prefabrication of structural components.

For accurate and error-free fabrication, Shop Drawings are extremely vital. Our team of engineers, detailers, draftsmen can generate GA drawings, anchor bolt plans, assembly drawings etc. which represent the overall arrangement and detailing of steel components. We provide Shop Drawing Services for pre-cast concrete, reinforced concrete, trusses etc. We have worked with clients across USA, Canada, UK, Europe and Australia.

Structural Construction Drawings

Structural Construction Drawings provide details about sizes, spacing, materials etc. of structural elements of the building.

Structural Construction Drawings are important for an efficient onsite construction. These drawings are tailor made to provide onsite ground workers elaborate details about the location, anchoring, assembly and installation of slabs, beams, columns, footing, rafters etc. Our Structural CD set consists of general notes, foundation details, framing plans, column layout etc. Our 2D drawings are always in accordance with the required international building codes. Even after construction is completed they can be used for facility management, renovation, reconstruction or stored for future reference.

Structural Construction Drawings
Rebar Detailing Services

Rebar Drawings

We can create 2D Drawings of reinforced structural steel for consultants, contractors, manufacturers and fabricators.

In order for the successful construction of any building precise reinforcement of concrete walls, beam slabs, columns etc. are important. Our skilled and dedicated team can draft rebar drawings which include Bar Bending schedules, gaps, anchorage, diameters, minimum size hooks etc. Using specific rebar plugins, add ins etc. allows to create accurate and error-free bar bending drawings and schedules. We have executed highly detailed Reinforcement Drawing projects for Residential, Commercial, Mixed use building, Academic along with other infrastructure projects like Bridges, Tunnels, Roadways etc.

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