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Point Cloud to BIM Services

CAD Services India provides accurate Scan to BIM Services that allows AEC professionals to access the as-is building conditions prior to commencing the reconstruction, restoration or retrofit projects.

We were established in 2007 and over the past 16 years we have positioned ourselves as an industry leader by creating a diverse portfolio of commercial, residential and industrial projects. The key building blocks of our success is our streamlined delivery approach, a client-centric working module and our multi-disciplinary team’s ability to accurately model all kinds of architectural, structural and MEP elements from point cloud data. We provide Point Cloud to BIM Services to construction companies, facility management companies, architects, contractors, MEP firms and heritage preservation department.

We can work on scan formats such as .RCS, .RCP, .E57, .PTS as well as can intricately model complex 3D geometries, intricate carvings, domes etc. for train stations, museums, churches, government buildings etc. What differentiates us from our competitors is our ability to provide precise Scan to BIM Services in quick turnaround time and at cost effective rates. It also what makes us the leading Scan to BIM Companies globally.

Our Scan to BIM Services

  • Scan to BIM Modeling
  • Scan to CAD
  • Scan to Mesh Conversion
  • Scan to BIM for Architectural Elements
  • 2D Floor Plans
  • Sections/ Elevations

  • Scan to BIM for Structural Components
  • Scan to BIM for MEP Elements
  • MEP Coordination
  • Construction Documentation
  • As-Built Drawings
  • Facility Management
Our Scan to BIM Services
What is Scan to BIM?

What is Scan to BIM?

Scan to BIM is the process of creating accurate and data rich 3D models from point cloud data for restoration, refurbishment or maintenance of existing buildings.

In point cloud to BIM a 3D laser scanner is used to digitally capture a physical site, space, building or a structure. This information is then processed and assembled into a virtual representation known as point cloud. The point cloud data is then exported to a CAD or BIM platform in order to create as-built or as-is BIM model that precisely depicts the walls, beams, pipes, ducts, roof planes as well as the terrain and vegetation around the building or structure. Once the 3D model is created it also provides all the BIM deliverables like construction documentation, quantity take-offs, cost estimation etc. for onsite construction.

Applications of Point Cloud to BIM

The accurate scan to BIM models today optimizes designing, planning, construction and maintenance throughout the building or a structure’s lifespan.

Point Cloud to BIM Services are commonly used for restoration, reconstruction, retrofit or refurbishment of buildings. The information obtained about the as-is conditions of the building from laser scanning goes a long way in increasing productivity and quality of these projects. However, its applications don’t end there. Point Cloud to BIM can also be used to create as-built BIM models. These models account for all the changes that have taken place onsite during construction. They can then be stored for future reference or be used for facility management, building maintenance and surveillance. Finally, a lot of construction companies are also look at Scan to BIM for demolition purpose.

Applications of Point Cloud to BIM
Advantages of using Scan to BIM

Advantages of using Scan to BIM

Scan to BIM reduces rework, saves cost, increases profit margins and streamlines the reconstruction and maintenance process.

A lot of times available as-built documentation of any building can be outdated, incomplete or fragmented. It would be time consuming often unreliable to piece that information together. Using laser scanning allows to gain the exact information about the building conditions thereby reducing any errors or unexpected problems arising due to lack of proper data. Moreover, using BIM for reconstruction or maintenance provides various other advantages associated with the virtual 3D model like enhanced collaboration, early clash detection, 3D visualization, easy modifications etc.

Our Point Cloud to BIM Projects

Leveraging our 16+ years of experience and a skilled multi-disciplinary team we have completed various Scan to BIM projects of different sizes and complexities.

We are experts in providing Point Cloud Modeling Services for historical buildings and monuments like churches, museums etc. We can model complex carvings, 3D geometries, domes, casings etc. with expertise and finesse. Our Point Cloud to BIM solutions can be used for reconstruction and maintenance of existing infrastructure like bridges, tunnels, roads, civil structures, airports, hospitals etc. Moreover, we have also carried out various projects for residential, commercial and industrial buildings in quick turnaround time.

Our Point Cloud to BIM Projects
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