Why do Engineering Firms Outsource MEP Shop Drawings to India?  

Why do Engineering Firms Outsource MEP Shop Drawings to India?  
June 27, 2023, By: Admin

In the construction industry, MEP drawings are a vital part of construction documentation. These drawings have details and specifications of the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing components of a building. Using these drawings, MEP components can be fabricated precisely and installed properly. MEP shop drawings help to understand how the different systems will come together in the final product. MEP Shop Drawings play an important role in minimizing construction costs. They help stakeholders identify areas where they can reduce material costs, labor costs, or time. MEP shop drawings are standardized drawings which are created as per applicable standards and used to fabricate and install MEP components.

Benefits of Outsourcing MEP Shop Drawings:

In business, outsourcing is one of the go-to approaches to reducing costs. Engineering companies are outsourcing their MEP shop drawing requirements as there are a lot of advantages to doing so.

Some of the main advantages of outsourcing MEP shop drawings are:

  • Better Quality Drawings:

By choosing to outsource your MEP shop drawing needs, you have the option to choose from a larger pool of professionals who are experts in their field of work. You no longer need to depend on your limited staff of in-house drafters. Also, outsourcing partners work on similar projects for multiple companies, so they have prior experience working on what you need. This also allows you to expand the number of services you can offer your clients.

  • Cost Reduction:

Cost reduction is the number one reason why engineering firms choose to outsource their MEP shop drawings. By hiring overseas talent who offers their services at economical prices, companies can save capital and also add more resources to a task. Over time, this can save a lot of money for your company without having to compromise on quality.

  • Better Technical Expertise:

Outsourcing firms usually offer a higher-than-average level of technical expertise. These companies have lots of drafting experience, their employees are well trained in industry software and are aware of the latest trends in the industry.

  • More Focus on Core Activities:

By outsourcing your company’s MEP shop drawing requirements elsewhere, you can dedicate the time and expertise of the in-house staff to the core activities of the company. This makes sure that your team is not juggling multiple tasks and that their time is spent working on their primary responsibilities.

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Why India has become the best choice to hire MEP drafting services

India is a growing economy with a massive population. India also has one of the largest young workforces in the world. This makes it one of the premier outsourcing destinations. With millions of engineers and architects graduating each year, the country has no shortage of high-quality engineering talent. Here are some of the reasons why companies should choose India to outsource their MEP shop drawings:  

  • Cost Saving:

India has a large pool of qualified engineers and drafters. Coupled with the fact that the cost of labor is lower in India, CAD Drafting Companies can offer a very competitive pricing, which makes India a suitable country to outsource your MEP shop drawings.

  • A large English-speaking population:

India has a large English-speaking population, which makes communication easier for engineering firms that primarily speak English. This can help reduce communication barriers and improve the overall outsourcing experience.

  • A large talent pool:

India has many renowned universities and technical colleges; every year, millions of well-trained engineers and architects join the workforce, which means that you will have a lot of good options to outsource your MEP shop drawings.

  • A positive corporate culture:

India is known for its accommodating culture and excellent customer service. The flexible work environment and the support given by the Indian government to the IT sector in India make it one of the top destinations for outsourcing.

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Challenges and things to consider before outsourcing your MEP shop drawings to India

Even though Outsourcing MEP Shop Drawings to India makes sense for engineering firms that are looking to reduce their costs and improve efficiency, there are still some things that you need to consider, such as:   

  • Quality control:

You should make sure that the company that you are outsourcing to has put strict quality control measures in place so that your work meets the required specifications and standards.

  • Communication:

There should be clear communication channels and no language barrier while working with an outsourcing partner so that there are no miscommunications or delays in the project. The outsourcing firm should provide a particular point of contact in case of any grievances.

  • Experience and expertise:

Your outsourcing partner should have a specialization in your industry. They should have worked on a number of projects, and you need to check their previous work success.


Engineering companies can greatly benefit from outsourcing MEP shop drawings to India. Teaming up with an outsourcing partner allows companies to increase productivity, reduce their overall costs, and meet their deadlines, leading to increased client satisfaction. By considering the factors discussed in this article, managers can choose the right outsourcing partner, which will give them a competitive edge in the market.